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The Knights of Sado
Bondage fantasy comic

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Adults Only. The Knights of Sado involves two sisters. One is a fair haired beauty called Desiree who is chaste and delicate, the other is called Jane, a raven haired amazon who is sexual and strong. They live in the Kingdom of Sado, ruled over by the Marquee des Bas, who holds court in Sado Castle where he indulges in all his bondage and sexual deviant fantasies by selecting the most beautiful girls in the kingdom to become hand maidens. He sends his men out to capture Desiree and bring her to the castle where he hopes to pervert her and Jane hearing of her sister's capture rushes to the castle and...

Banned by Amazon and Google Play.

harvenger book 1

HARVENGER 1: The Angel of Death
Set in Europe at the turn of the 17th century, a time when the world was stalked by Witch-finders, and where new and deadly weapons of war crushed bastions of stone that had stood for centuries. The story follows a young woman, Lauryl LeMont, who after the death of her parents must survive on her own. But her beauty and vulnerability are a target even for the most pious of men and she is soon catapulted into a struggle for her survival. Accused of witchcraft and murder she is sentenced to burn at the stake. But when Death arrives to claim her soul he finds that this woman awakens an emotion in him that his own once mortal soul had long forgotten, one that should never have been rekindled. Confused and curious the Grim Reaper decides to let the flame inside him burn. A decision that will change history and make Lauryl immortal.
Product details:
394 pages
ISBN 978-0473181369

Available from:
Amazon Paperback / Amazon Kindle

harvenger book 2

HARVENGER 2: The Empire of Death
It is now over 300 years since Lauryl LeMont was spared from the witchesí pyre by Death himself and in that time she has created a corporate empire that spans the world. Harvenger Corporation is a multinational giant involved in everything from pharmaceuticals to crop research and even military spy drones. At its heart Lauryl sits in her tower hidden from the world she has helped create - a world that knows nothing of her existence. Protected, aided and loved by Death she seems untouchable. But, unknown to her, there are enemies who do know exactly who and what she is and their hatred of her has grown to the point where they will stop at nothing to destroy her. The apocalyptic figures of War, Pestilence and Famine, whose combined might is equal to that of Death, will use her to bring about what they have been waiting for - Armageddon. And Death must make a choice, to save the woman he loves, or save the world.
Product details:
394 pages
ISBN 978-0473288044

Available from:
Amazon Paperback / Amazon Kindle

The Motu Mob

The Motu Mob
Collected here are stories from one manís lifetime of hunting adventures in the New Zealand bush. From the warm sunlit shores of the Woodhill State Forest just outside of the Auckland metropolis down to the frozen climes of deepest Stewart Island, whether it was chasing the elusive and wily Sika or stalking the majestic Red Deer, Clive Sutton spent his life hunting them all. This collection of short entertaining stories will offer the reader an insight into what it was and is like to hunt the great New Zealand outdoors.
Product details:
152 pages
ISBN 978-1480025332

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New Zealand birds coloring book

New Zealand Birds Conservation Colouring Book
A 60 page colouring book of New Zealand Birds that aims to educate the child on conservation issues while enjoying the fun of colouring. The drawings are artistically rendered allowing for simple colouring methods or for those more advanced to attempt a true artwork quality image. Each bird has its habitat described with food sources, threats and more. There is also information on simple evryday things you can do to be a conservationist.
Product details:
60 pages
ISBN 978-1481932028

Available from:
Amazon Paperback / Amazon Kindle
Fine Art New Zealand Paperback

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tui bird colouring picture

Horror movie monsters coloring book

Horror Movie Monsters
Colouring Book

With a focus on fun rather than scary, this colouring book brings you many of your favourite monsters from the horror movies, and a few new ones. Designed with original drawings by artist Albert David Sutton you will find the Zombie, Werewolf, Haunted House, Frankenstein's Monster and many more waiting for you inside.
Product details:
32 pages
ISBN 978-1484037058

Available from:

Amazon Paperback

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cyclops monster coloring picture


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