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HARVENGER - a novel of gothic horror by A D Sutton


The Motu Mob
The Motu Mob

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Harvenger 1:
The Angel of Death

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Harvenger 2:
The Empire of Death

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The Knights of Sado

Entry to Fine Art New Zealand
Fine Art New Zealand
Traditional Artwork

Photo of Artist

Merit 1993 Pumphouse Art Awards
After the Nightmare

Patron's Choice 1999 Pakuranga Arts Members Exhibition
Some Days You Can See For Miles

Merit 2000 Pakuranga Summer Arts Festival
Cabin at Fern Creek

Merit 2000 Pakuranga Members Exhibition
The Abyss

Finalist 2003 Waikato National Art Awards

Merit Open Painting Royal New Zealand Easter Show 2005
Whispers of the Deep

Finalist 2008 Tauranga National Art Awards
Dissolution of Eternity

Merit Acrylic Open Royal New Zealand Easter Show 2009
Magic Mountain

Third Place Royal New Zealand Easter Show Art on Board 2010
We Are All Made Of Stars

Merit Small Painting Royal New Zealand Easter Show 2011
Alice Angel

Merit Abstract Royal New Zealand Easter Show 2011
Ten Bottles

Second Place Coca Cola Easter Show Professional Category 2012
Hell's Bells

Invited judge of the 2016 Royal Easter Show Art Competition

Third Place Royal Easter Show Open Oil or Acrylic Category 2017
Totara and Sandstone

First Place Royal Easter Show Open Oil or Acrylic Category 2018
Fantail and Nikau

In my teen years I had secretly drawn the female form using the page three tabloids of the time as my models.
After having graduated from University my love for art was stronger than science and I secured a job as inhouse artist publishing New Zealand's first home grown adult publication 'Key Club' run by Alan J. Douglas. Due to ongoing and multiple disputes with the Indecent Publications Tribunal the magazine ended up having many different titles, but this was all part of the fun and games. Many good and enjoyable years were spent refining my skills as an erotic artist as well as learning the publishing and adult industry trade. With the collapse of Adult Club magazine (as it had become known) in the early 90's due to an economic downturn I continued to seek outlets for my adult drawings in overseas magazines. I was fortunate enough to find Reb Stout who gave me exposure in his publications and website in America, as well as a few other overseas publications that accepted my drawings.
Now with the launch of my own website and my traditional art site I can be self published and bring more of my erotic art to the fore. Erotic art is still an underground genre not readily accepted by the wider public or galleries, but the internet is making it easier to access and reach an audience that was in the past difficult to find. But site stats tell me there is indeed an audience willing to accept and enjoy adult art. As a traditional and erotic artist I continue to pursue my enjoyment of the female form and depicting it's inherent sexual fascination on canvas. While much of art today seeks to confound the viewer with abstraction and the esoteric I believe much is still to be said in a traditional approach exploring those boundries that could not be crossed by the known masters of the past.
Cheers. A.D.Sutton

Shaking Off The Monkeys:
As an artist you will quickly come to learn two things. 1: All the world is a critic 2: People love to criticise. There will be as many opinions about your art as there are people who view it. Some people are supportive and some are not. Over the years I have learnt to accept those good comments with thanks and to listen to the bad with an open mind. Take from the bad what you will if you feel the criticism is constructive and leave the rest in the bin, because there will always be those people that wish to place 'monkeys' on your back. Monkeys are those things that take away your confidence, your enjoyment or your belief in what you are doing. They inhibit you, hold you back from trying new things or from extending your reach. They try to make you believe you are not good enough. It is not an easy thing to compose a work of art and put it on show.
For instance; I have had to deal for decades with the sniggers of those who see I am painting a female nude. The comments of "typical male", "filthy" or the dirty looks, or the sarcastic laughs of people who see no deeper than the surface of the paint. Fortunately today I am very thick skinned and don't give a damn what these people think. The monkeys they try to place on you are the ones they themselves carry. Always be true to your self and your vision no matter what stage or ability you are at. If you find people trying to put monkeys on your back, shake them off and continue your journey.

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